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University of Iowa

The University of Iowa Waterski and Wakeboard club has been around since 1986. The club consists of male and female undergraduate and graduate students who all share the love for the sport while some compete at the collegiate level.

Club President: Zach George
Club Facebook: University of Iowa
Club Contact: Gmail

University of Wisconsin- La Crosse

The University of Wisconsin La Crosse Water Ski and Wakeboarding team was voted National Collegiate Water Ski Association Team of the Year in 2011 and was undefeated in tournaments throughout the Midwest and even won first place in the 2011 Midwest Regional Championship.

UW-L Water Ski and Wakeboard competitive “A” team is pictured after winning the Midwest Regional Championship trophy.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Wisconsin Wakeboard Team

Club Manager: Josh Magill
Club Website- Wisconsin University
Club Facebook: University Wakeboard Team
Club Contact: Gmail

University of Minnesota

      The Minnesota Waterski and Wakeboard Club focuses on three event water skiing and wakeboarding while taking frequent trips out to Placid Wake Park and Boardnation Wake Park. The team also rides out on Coon Lake and hopes to also help students develop skills in wakeskating and barefoot skiing.

Club Vice President; Claire Manlove
Club Facebook: University of Minnesota

Ohio State

           Ohio State Wake team is a group of individuals dedicated to having a good time on the water. The group has both a club and a competing team, both are open to anyone and no experience is required. The club organizes several events and trips throughout the year and participates in competitions during both Spring and Fall. We hope to see more of this team in the up and coming season. 


Club President: Evan Stein
Club Facebook: Ohio State

University of Tennessee

      The Wakeboard Club at the University of Tennessee provides the opportunity for all water sport enthusiasts to participate, train, and compete in wakeboarding events and are provided with a new Mastercraft ski boat to practice on every year. The team made 3rd on the College Wake Pre Season Top 10 List  and hope to make it to the championships next season.

Club President: Ryan Hammond 
Club Website: University of Tennessee
Club Facebook Group:  Tennessee Wakeboard Club

College Wake Pre Season Top 10

2014- 2015

The new season for College Wakeboarding is quickly approaching. New teams are forming around the country as veteran teams are regrouping with new leadership and more organized programs. This year especially there are some leadership changes in the top programs. This could have some major effects on rankings by November.

Let's get right to breaking down the top 10.

10. Texas State - This club has been working hard with the help of Texas Ski Ranch and Axis Wake. The club has a boat and a private lake to use when they need to and practice riding. This always helps a team grow quickly.

9. Sac State - This is a team that has lost a veteran, Drew Glickman. It seemed at the end of last season Drew had checked out as graduation was approaching. Shane Austin now takes over and will be trying to replace the riders who graduated along with Drew. Sac State has been in the top 10 for the past 4 years.

8. Texas A&M - The Aggies are as solid as a team comes. They have been together a while with the officers continuing to build a strong foundation. Morgan Burchall has done a great job with this club and has another year to end her career on a strong note.

7. Florida State - The Seminoles lose a great President with the graduation of Lou Perez. He worked harder than anyone making this club stable and on top. The club also lost some top riders such as Hunter Drury. We don't have a doubt that the new President will be a good one and continue where Lou left off.  Also, with the Reservoir back, the team gets more time on the water. 

6. Georgia - Yet another team who lost not just a President but the founder of the WakeDawgs.  Anthony Kennedy made what the team is today. He leaves the team with their top rider Pate Duddleston. Pate has been strong for the past couple years as a rider, but his leadership is questionable. This could damage the teams chemistry and cause issues with riding. We will all see what will become of the Georgia program after this fall. We hear they have some new young guns coming in to balance off the team.

5. Florida - Always a top program year after year. This program seems to reload every year. Jon Kistemaker takes over for James Ort and will have his hands full. We look forward to seeing the new riders and what Florida will do this season. We also would love to see them come compete in Vegas for the College Wake Championships and see how they stack up against the nations best.

4. Baylor - Everything in Waco Texas seems to be heading in the right direction these days. Their wake program is lead by veteran Reagan Strickland.  They also have what might be the top rider in the country this year with Marshall Lewis. From what we know Baylor has loaded up on some new riders as well as had some set backs with injuries. If they can stay healthy, you might see a title contender here.

3. Tennessee - Last year Tennessee could have won it all. They just couldn't get the riders to the Championships. This year VolsWake returns 6 of those riders including Adam Holdsworth from last year in hopes of a title run. They definitely lost some of the top guys including Brad Riddick. Tennessee is a hot spot though and should have no problem finding new open riders.

2. Arizona State - The WakeDevils are back to back College Wake Champions. They have lost the soul of the club and President who brought the team to the top. With Ryan Platt leaving the club behind, there is question on what will happen next. Nothing has proven more difficult for a team to lose its founder. The team also lost College Female Rider of the Year Chelsea Clark. The club is loaded, let's not mistaken that. Can they three-peat with the lose of their great leader?

1. Rollins College - Last year Rollins College shocked everyone with its rise to the top. They fell short in the finals to ASU in Las Vegas, but showed the country they are going to be the team to beat this year. Not only do they keep College Male Rider of the year Damien Adam, but are loading up with some new young talent. One rider being a women's champ from Switzerland. They have all the factors to win, now we wait and see if they can close the deal and win the title.

There are a total of 75 college wake programs in the country currently. This leaves lots of space to see some new clubs come into the picture this season during tour and secure their spot at the Championships in Lake Las Vegas April 2015.

Wake Forest

Wake Forest Wakeboard and Waterski Club hold the number 10 spot in the Collegiate Wake National Rankings.

Club President: Ryan Barbalace
Club Website: Wake Forest Wake
Club Facebook  Wake Forest Wakeboard and Water Ski Club

Duke University

     Duke University is a club for both wakeboarders and Skiers alike that was started during Fall of 2012. This is all we know about the team at this time. 

Club President: Brian Bolze
Club Website: Duke Wake
Club Facebook: Duke Wake and Ski Club
Club Contact: N/A

North Carolina State

    The NC State Wakeboard & Water Ski Club at NC State University aims to give NCSU students as many opportunities as possible to get on the water. Their main goal is to support and encourage the sports of Wakeboarding and Waterskiing all while promoting the importance of a college education.

Club President: Chason Johnson
Club Email:  N/A
Club Facebook: NC State Facebook Page

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