Welcome to College Wakeboarding

The 2014-15 Season is here!
This is a whole 'nother level of wakeboarding! You're not just a rider anymore, you're part of a TEAM!

ASU at Watersports Farm

A farewell to Lake Lanier

It has been 7 years that College Wakeboarding has called Lake Lanier home. Numerous locations have hosted the largest of college wake events, but none better than Lake Lanier Islands. The location was almost perfect with a cove, restaurant and bar, white sand beach, great viewing area, and epic private campsite on the lake.

Sunset cove has moved in a different direction this year pushing the College Wake Series back to it's original home at Aqualand Marina. High winds and huge chop moved the event one more time to a protected back cove and nice boat ramp. All in all not a bad make shift event location.

MarineMax was there with the 2014 G23 to pull the 60 riders all day Saturday. There isn't much left you can say about the top boat on the market for wakeboarding. Always a clean wake, always huge.

The Gators of the University of Florida came in strong for the 4th year straight. They were loaded heavy with Marcus Knox the top wakeskater at the college level as well as Jon Kistemaker who took 1st in the Advanced Division. They didn't stop there placing Heather Bouchard in 2nd for Women's Advanced and and Jenna Curtis 3rd place Women's Beginner.

Once again however it was Rollins College our pre-season number 1 who showed this year they are in it for a national title. Damien Adam, our 2013-14 College Wakeboard Men's rider of the year hasn't missed a beat. After laying down a near perfect run he ended with his now signature Whirly 5.
The Swiss Olivia Lombard took first in Advanced Women's as well coming into College Wakeboarding for the first time. Fletcher Baker (Wakeskate) and Connor Kostra (Intermediate) both took second in their divisions.

The event even with all the moving of sites still turned out a strong day of riding. Texas A&M put out a great day landing them 4th in the country with another event in Dallas coming up to boost that ranking even higher. The team is lead by Morgen Burchell and has shown a lot of potential for a national title run as well. Morgen took 3rd in Advanced Women's in Atlanta.

After a long day of wakeboarding, we kicked off the College Cable Tour by getting 32 riders to sign up for the Brigade Bracket. Brigade Wakesurfing came out all the way from Idaho to show their support as the only wakesurfing company currently supporting college wake.

The surfers were pulled behind a 2014 Centurion FS44 with one of the largest waves in the industry. Centurion is the official towboat of College Wakesurfing this year and the top wakesurfing boat on the market.

Brigade also brought out their arsenal of boards for surfers to test out as they begin building their clubs with this new tour. The response was huge. It looks like College Wakesurfing is here to stay!

Full Event Results:

1. Damien Adam  Rollins College
2. Jon Hunt  Georgia
3. Pate Duddleston  Georgia

Men's Advanced
1. Jon Kistemaker  Florida
2. Daniel Roop   Texas A&M
3. Kyle Aubuchon   Texas A&M

Women's Advanced
1. Olivia Lombourd  Rollins College
2. Heather Bouchard   Florida
3. Morgen Burchell   Texas A&M

1. Chris Bureau  Georgia
2. Connor Kostra   Rollins College
3. Ryan Barbalace  Wake Forest

1. Marcus Knox   Florida
2. Fletcher Baker   Rollins College
3. Courtney Kobold   South Carolina

Women's Beginner
1. Maggie McDonald   West Florida
2. Alyssa Dennis    Georgia
3. Jenna Curtis     Florida

Men's Beginner
1. Matthew Rickards  Wake Forest
2. Andrew Saxton   Wake Forest
3. Vladimir Stozhov  Florida

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First College Wake National Rankings Released

The College Wake Series is off to a good start this season with stops 1 and 2 already knocked out. Minneapolis had some great riding in the upper divisions and the new Advanced Women's category was launched. Arizona State brought a big crew up to show they are the most traveled team in all of wakeboarding.

Stop 2 we got to see pre season number 1, Rollins Wake. They didn't disappoint! This team is clearly focused on a National Title, and Damien Adam is on his game. The team is deep too with Olivia Lombard winning Women's Advanced.

After the first 2 stops here is where the top 5 stand.

1. Rollins College
2. Arizona State
3. University of Florida
4. Texas A&M
5. Georgia

Florida showed their strength once again and their consistency with Jon Kistemaker and Marcus Knox winning Advanced and Wakeskate. Marcus is the top wakeskater in the country for the college level. Heather Bouchard took 2nd in Women's Advanced as well earning some strong points for the Gators.

There is still a lot of riding left in the season, expect to see some movement in the top 16 as we get through Dallas.

For the full top 16 teams through week 2 click here! 
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College Wakesurfing Kicks Off On Lake Lanier

October 5th 2014

It has always been the largest tour stop of the college wake season. It also was the first event Empire Wake hosted for the college level back in 2008. This only seemed fitting that it would also be the birth place of College Wakesurfing.

Texas A&M came all the way from College Station Texas for this one. They were met by University of Florida, Georgia, Wake Forest, West Florida and Rollins College.

Brigade Wakesurfing brought the "Brigade Bracket" format to the event. This opened up 32 spots for riders to compete head to head. This will be the format used throughout the College Wakesurf Tour. They also brought with them a line of their wakesurfers for any rider to use to compete.

The final 2 hours of the day was pulled by the Official Towboat of College Wakeboarding, the Centurion FS44. The boat produced a wave that all the participants raved about.

"You can really see the focus Centurion has put into their wakesurfing specific boats, "said Jordan Coffey, photographer for Empire Wake. "Getting to sit in the boat and see all the huge smiles on the surfers faces as they dropped into that massive wave was priceless."

With the chilly weather setting in early evening, the surfers decided to just stick to one round this time.

Next stop of the College Wakesurf Tour is Dallas Texas October 18th at Little Elm park. Teams be ready to win some great prizes from Brigade!

Big thanks to Sean and Shane from Brigade for hosting the afternoon. Also to Chris and the Centurion crew for bringing in the bus and helping tow all the riders.

Also to Aqualand Marina for allowing us to find some calm water and work with us moving the event! It was a fun weekend camping and we can't wait to find out where next year will move us too. 

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How To Get Club Sponsors 101

It is a question every college wake team has had since dawn of College Wakeboarding circa 2003, "How do we get sponsors, how do we raise money?" Well, Empire Wake is here to help you understand a little bit about what needs to be done and how to go about it.

The first thing to always remember about your club, is you are a small business. This means you have to market, advertise, and get your team out in the open to draw attention. Like every other business, the more attention you get, the more support you get.

So you have started your club, you have your members, now what? 
Sponsors want to know what you can do for them. They must see a return on their investment. So use your resources, YOUR MEMBERS! You can look at them like walking billboards that can talk.

For example: T-shirts. Everyone loves a good t-shirt. A very easy step to making a sponsor happy and earning some dollars is to make club shirts that have logo space available. We have always recommended this for teams looking to raise money for college nationals.

Don't try to over sell this space either. Make it prime real estate, large logos are $100 and small are $60. You offer 4 large logo spaces (totaling $400) and 10 small spaces (totaling $600). You now have made $1000 for selling something simple on your national team shirt. A local company, or a riders parent's company is usually an easy sell with the right pitch.

A second option is to make a new club banner that you post up at each event and team function you
do. The cost to make a beautiful full color banner is about $60-$80 depending on the size. Selling ad space on the banner is simple and cheap. Again, offer 10 spaces for $100 each on the new club banner. That is another $1000.

Make sure to bring it to all events and functions. Post team photos with it often. Send the sponsors the photos so they see their dollars at work. They will love to see the banners used at contests even more. Empire Wake will gladly post your banner at events!

Jersey Sponsors
Elevated Clothing can make your team some awesome jerseys! But you have lots of space on there that you can use. Have you ever watched Premier Cup Soccer? Each team has a big logo on their jersey front or back. Do you know how much that space is worth financially? Think about how many times your jersey is seen. This is a premier chance to make some money and even cover the cost of your jerseys. Look into having your biggest sponsor somewhere visible on your next team jersey. 

What about product and board sponsors?
T-shirts and banners are the easy stuff. They are easy and cheap to make, and last a long time. Now, you want to get some industry sponsors involved. Maybe you want some club gear, or benefits for your members who are paying big bucks to be in the club.

To make it easy on where to look and start, look who already is supporting College Wakeboarding. There is a reason Humanoid, and Ctrl Wake are sponsors every year! They believe in what you all are doing. Call them first and work out a deal! We know for a fact your team will get further reaching out to companies already partnered with Empire Wake than going after someone that isn't supporting.

Something to think about as well, just as we stated above, brands and companies want to see a return on their investment. If companies like Humanoid Wake are supporting College Wakeboarding, and helping make this level of the sport possible for you, wouldn't you want to support them in return?
Going to an outside brand doesn't much benefit anyone but their company.

Also, reaching out to all the brands already supporting College Wakeboarding, will make your conversation and pitch much easier. They have already spent money and time investing in you. SO GO CUT A GREAT DEAL!

Back to the return on Investment!
This is everything, we can't say it enough. Sponsors want to see a return on investment. We deal with this everyday, every year. Your team, when pitching to a sponsor, must think of this answer before even approaching. "How is your club going to benefit the sponsor?"

1. Getting team product is huge. Think of your club as viral marketing. If you purchase 6 Pro-Tec helmets for the club, that will stay in the club for 3 years, think of how many riders will get to try out a Pro-Tec Helmet? That is extremely important to a company.
Each year you get new members and lose a few, but each year, those helmets benefit more and more riders.

2. Team rider orders are next. Make sure to get some club product for sure, but after that, have a team order with the company. Place 1 order each semester to make it easy. This way you have 1 payment and 1 shipping address. Remember, wakeboard companies are small and making things easy on them, makes them happier.
Team orders are a direct ROI! This is you doing your part as a club.

Social Media! 
You have your banner, you have your club shirts with logos on them, you have your new gear....now show it off!!! Every chance you get, post photos, email them to the company, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter....post, post, post!
Don't forget to tag the brand as well! They need to see you giving them love in return. All your photos you post should have @humanoidwake or @elevatedclothing on them (yes those are just examples).

Give back to the community!
Practices are important and so is competing. However, there is a lot more time in the year than these few weekends. Team up with your local dealership or cable park and offer help, clinics, fun events, clean up, volunteer work. It won't cost your club anything, but your cable park, boat dealer, and all your new found sponsors will love you for it. The first thing we said was use your resources. So use your time to give back. This in turn will have more positive exposure for your club and your supporters.

We hope this helps you. Please email us if you need more help from us as we understand this is just scratching the surface.

Good Luck!

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Don't Just Blend In

 Kameleonz Sunglasses is the perfect fit for the college student. Mix and match these frames to fit whatever you are wearing or mood you may be in!

Check out there story....

 Get a pair on their website today!
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Knights Wake Go Back to Back

Pop the champagne and start the celebration. The University of Central Florida Knights (Knights Wake) are your 2013-14 College Cable Champions!

Twice in one year we have seen teams winning back-to-back national championships. Knights Wake is the latest and have taken the first 2 College Cable Championships. This year they had to go through Texas Christian, South Florida and North Texas. The finals placed North Texas and UCF head to head.

North Texas recently lost top rider Ashley Cash to an injury before the event. Although she tried to ride, her injury just wasn't healed yet and she would have to sit the event out. This left Jessica Frey to fill her spot for women's rider.

Scotty Visser of the Eagles rode strong every round and a major contributor getting UNT to their first finals. Being a local rider of Hydrous Wake Park, he had a few advantages. However, Hydrous through in some new features right before the event. This took away the home park advantage.

New team TCU also showed strong. The team ended up short a few riders, but those who rode placed high each round. Lead by team President Taylor Troth, TCU is going to be a national threat next season for sure.

South Florida came ready to win too. They brought a great team but ran into some misfortune leaving them heading to the consolation round. This is another team that showed huge promise and we expect to see them in the top 3 in 2014-15 College Cable season.

In yet another great College Cable Championship, Knights Wake just proved too much to be defeated as a team. UNT had a shot when UCF's Knights Wake best rider wakeskater Ed Alosco went down on the transfer box, but just couldn't capitalize enough. Scotty Visser gave it all he had with a Crow Mobe off the kicker, whirly and stylish rail riding. However, UCF team President Kellen Rudnicki finished in the top spot with a heel 5, half cab, and air roll to revert.

Other event notable riders included Freshman Jack Hanson of South Florida who was consistent the entire event. Ed Alosco of UCF is one of the top wakeskaters in the country.  Alyssa Crouse of TCU was the top women rider of the event and possibly the nation.

Final Team results:
1. UCF Knights Wake
2. North Texas Eagles
3. South Florida Bulls
4. Texas Christian University Horned Frogs

Individual Results:

1. Taylor Troth   TCU
2. John Yeargin   UCF
3. Chris Draper   UCF

1. Jack Hanson  USF
2. Scotty Visser   UNT
3. Kellan Rudnicki   UCF

1. Alyssa Crouse  TCU
2. Kyra Kemp   UCF
3. Erin Heyman   USF

1. Beaux Brown   USF
2. Ed Alosco   UCF

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College Wake Season Kicks Off Right

The 2014-15 college wake season kicked off right in Minneapolis. It was one of the nicest September days, the water wasn't bad on the Mississippi river, and the sun was shinning bright. MarineMax, Nautique and Red Bull were onsite to support College Wake and we saw a bigger turn out from the first year stop.

Defending champs Arizona State Wakedevils made the trip up this year. Some of the team riders had family in the area so it made for a hometown feel. As always they came deep and showed they aren't going to miss a step from the past 2 years.

It wasn't all dominance though for the Wakedevils. New comer Illinois State Red Birds showed up and filled podium spots in 5 places. Kelly Kopp placed 2nd in Women's Beginner, and Austin Dixon 3rd in Men's Beginner. To make even a stronger statement, Devin Allbright took 1st in Wakeskate and Intermediate while Kyle Burr won Men's Advanced beating out ASU riders Andrew Schrank (2nd Place) and Jordan Maxymek (3rd Place).

The Open division at this event truly stole the show in good fashion. Jared Call of ASU, Eli Fark for U of Minnesota and R.J. Pabon of ASU were ready to go. Eli Fark kicked it off with a mute roll to revert, crow mobe and toe off axis 5 in his run landing him in the 2nd place spot. It wasn't enough to beat ASU super senior RJ Pabon. Pabon threw down a backside stalefish 180, toeside off axis 5's and a tootsie roll in his run to take the win. R.J's style has really began to show through his technical tricks to give him great runs.

Big thanks to the Twin City River Rats for letting us host the event on their site this weekend. Also welcome our newest sponsor Kameleonz sunglasses.
College Wakeboard is supported by: Buywake.com, Kicker Audio,  Go Pro, Elevated Clothing, Smith Optics, Jet Pilot, Rockwell Watches, NEFF Headwear, Nautique Boats, MarineMax, Candy Grind, CTRL Wake, and Humanoid Wake.


Men's Beginner:
1. Jeremy Woodruff  ASU
2. Sean Vadnais   NDSU
3. Austin Dixon  Ill State

Women's Beginner:
1. Brooke Mayrand ASU
2. Kelly Kopp  Ill State
3. Riane Ehlert   UW Eau Claire

1. Devin Allbright  Ill State
2. Elliot Koch  MSUM
3. Greg Crusco   ASU

Women's Advanced:
1. Shay Carter  ASU
2. Kierstin Simmons   ASU
3. Kayla Murphy  ASU

Men's Advanced:
1. Kyle Burr  Ill State
2. Andrew Schrank  ASU
3. Jordan Maxymek  ASU

1. RJ Pabon  ASU
2. Eli Fark   Minn
3. Jared Call  ASU

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College Wake Surfing Has Arrived

It's finally time to introduce the college level to wake surfing. With the growth and support from the industry of the sport, we no longer could deny it to the riders. This season we will be offering 3 locations for teams to compete in the 4 wake surfing divisions.

Divisions will include: 
Beginner Surf Style
Advanced Surf Style
Beginner Skim Style
Advanced Skim Style

Competitors will be able to participate Saturday mornings for $20 a rider in Atlanta, Dallas, or Sacramento.

This is a great way for clubs to expand! Not only is it a great way to offer more to members, but you can also increase membership numbers. Rough and windy days on the water are no longer a problem.

We will soon be releasing our College Wake Surfing sponsors. Stay posted and start expanding your clubs today to new members. 

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Satellite PrintLab

Satellite PrintLab

We are proud to announce the launch of Satellite PrintLab! Satellite is here to bring your club an inexpensive way to help market your "small business" grow.

Inexpensive doesn't mean cheap! We use high quality vinyl and t-shirts to make sure your branding last for years. There is no need to sacrifice quality here. 

Our pricing is unbeatable for what you get. We use vinyl for decals rated to last 5+ years without fading. Our banners are full color, high resolution and on thick durable vinyl. Lastly, our shirts are on soft,100% cotton, and fitted tees. 

Many of the college wake clubs have used our services already such as ASU, Sac State, and Texas State. Other companies as well such as Humanoid Wake, Elevated Clothing and a handful of local boardshops around the country also have our decals for their branding.

We built our services around helping you get the basic needs to help push your branding. Every club needs shirts, stickers and banners! We also know you are on a budget but don't want to sacrifice quality. 

Thank you for all you have done for us and making college wakeboarding so great. We are excited to help give back and help you and your club grow!

For orders or info email us at: Info@SatellitePrintLab.com
And check out the site at: www.SatellitePrintLab.com 

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College Wake Pre Season Top 10

2014- 2015

The new season for College Wakeboarding is quickly approaching. New teams are forming around the country as veteran teams are regrouping with new leadership and more organized programs. This year especially there are some leadership changes in the top programs. This could have some major effects on rankings by November.

Let's get right to breaking down the top 10.

10. Texas State - This club has been working hard with the help of Texas Ski Ranch and Axis Wake. The club has a boat and a private lake to use when they need to and practice riding. This always helps a team grow quickly.

9. Sac State - This is a team that has lost a veteran, Drew Glickman. It seemed at the end of last season Drew had checked out as graduation was approaching. Shane Austin now takes over and will be trying to replace the riders who graduated along with Drew. Sac State has been in the top 10 for the past 4 years.

8. Texas A&M - The Aggies are as solid as a team comes. They have been together a while with the officers continuing to build a strong foundation. Morgan Burchall has done a great job with this club and has another year to end her career on a strong note.

7. Florida State - The Seminoles lose a great President with the graduation of Lou Perez. He worked harder than anyone making this club stable and on top. The club also lost some top riders such as Hunter Drury. We don't have a doubt that the new President will be a good one and continue where Lou left off.  Also, with the Reservoir back, the team gets more time on the water. 

6. Georgia - Yet another team who lost not just a President but the founder of the WakeDawgs.  Anthony Kennedy made what the team is today. He leaves the team with their top rider Pate Duddleston. Pate has been strong for the past couple years as a rider, but his leadership is questionable. This could damage the teams chemistry and cause issues with riding. We will all see what will become of the Georgia program after this fall. We hear they have some new young guns coming in to balance off the team.

5. Florida - Always a top program year after year. This program seems to reload every year. Jon Kistemaker takes over for James Ort and will have his hands full. We look forward to seeing the new riders and what Florida will do this season. We also would love to see them come compete in Vegas for the College Wake Championships and see how they stack up against the nations best.

4. Baylor - Everything in Waco Texas seems to be heading in the right direction these days. Their wake program is lead by veteran Reagan Strickland.  They also have what might be the top rider in the country this year with Marshall Lewis. From what we know Baylor has loaded up on some new riders as well as had some set backs with injuries. If they can stay healthy, you might see a title contender here.

3. Tennessee - Last year Tennessee could have won it all. They just couldn't get the riders to the Championships. This year VolsWake returns 6 of those riders including Adam Holdsworth from last year in hopes of a title run. They definitely lost some of the top guys including Brad Riddick. Tennessee is a hot spot though and should have no problem finding new open riders.

2. Arizona State - The WakeDevils are back to back College Wake Champions. They have lost the soul of the club and President who brought the team to the top. With Ryan Platt leaving the club behind, there is question on what will happen next. Nothing has proven more difficult for a team to lose its founder. The team also lost College Female Rider of the Year Chelsea Clark. The club is loaded, let's not mistaken that. Can they three-peat with the lose of their great leader?

1. Rollins College - Last year Rollins College shocked everyone with its rise to the top. They fell short in the finals to ASU in Las Vegas, but showed the country they are going to be the team to beat this year. Not only do they keep College Male Rider of the year Damien Adam, but are loading up with some new young talent. One rider being a women's champ from Switzerland. They have all the factors to win, now we wait and see if they can close the deal and win the title.

There are a total of 75 college wake programs in the country currently. This leaves lots of space to see some new clubs come into the picture this season during tour and secure their spot at the Championships in Lake Las Vegas April 2015.

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