Welcome to College Wakeboarding

The 2014-15 Season is here!
This is a whole 'nother level of wakeboarding! You're not just a rider anymore, you're part of a TEAM!

ASU at Watersports Farm

College Wake Surfing Has Arrived

It's finally time to introduce the college level to wake surfing. With the growth and support from the industry of the sport, we no longer could deny it to the riders. This season we will be offering 3 locations for teams to compete in the 4 wake surfing divisions.

Divisions will include: 
Beginner Surf Style
Advanced Surf Style
Beginner Skim Style
Advanced Skim Style

Competitors will be able to participate Saturday mornings for $20 a rider in Atlanta, Dallas, or Sacramento.

This is a great way for clubs to expand! Not only is it a great way to offer more to members, but you can also increase membership numbers. Rough and windy days on the water are no longer a problem.

We will soon be releasing our College Wake Surfing sponsors. Stay posted and start expanding your clubs today to new members. 

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Satellite PrintLab

Satellite PrintLab

We are proud to announce the launch of Satellite PrintLab! Satellite is here to bring your club an inexpensive way to help market your "small business" grow.

Inexpensive doesn't mean cheap! We use high quality vinyl and t-shirts to make sure your branding last for years. There is no need to sacrifice quality here. 

Our pricing is unbeatable for what you get. We use vinyl for decals rated to last 5+ years without fading. Our banners are full color, high resolution and on thick durable vinyl. Lastly, our shirts are on soft,100% cotton, and fitted tees. 

Many of the college wake clubs have used our services already such as ASU, Sac State, and Texas State. Other companies as well such as Humanoid Wake, Elevated Clothing and a handful of local boardshops around the country also have our decals for their branding.

We built our services around helping you get the basic needs to help push your branding. Every club needs shirts, stickers and banners! We also know you are on a budget but don't want to sacrifice quality. 

Thank you for all you have done for us and making college wakeboarding so great. We are excited to help give back and help you and your club grow!

For orders or info email us at: Info@SatellitePrintLab.com
And check out the site at: www.SatellitePrintLab.com 

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College Wake Pre Season Top 10

2014- 2015

The new season for College Wakeboarding is quickly approaching. New teams are forming around the country as veteran teams are regrouping with new leadership and more organized programs. This year especially there are some leadership changes in the top programs. This could have some major effects on rankings by November.

Let's get right to breaking down the top 10.

10. Texas State - This club has been working hard with the help of Texas Ski Ranch and Axis Wake. The club has a boat and a private lake to use when they need to and practice riding. This always helps a team grow quickly.

9. Sac State - This is a team that has lost a veteran, Drew Glickman. It seemed at the end of last season Drew had checked out as graduation was approaching. Shane Austin now takes over and will be trying to replace the riders who graduated along with Drew. Sac State has been in the top 10 for the past 4 years.

8. Texas A&M - The Aggies are as solid as a team comes. They have been together a while with the officers continuing to build a strong foundation. Morgan Burchall has done a great job with this club and has another year to end her career on a strong note.

7. Florida State - The Seminoles lose a great President with the graduation of Lou Perez. He worked harder than anyone making this club stable and on top. The club also lost some top riders such as Hunter Drury. We don't have a doubt that the new President will be a good one and continue where Lou left off.  Also, with the Reservoir back, the team gets more time on the water. 

6. Georgia - Yet another team who lost not just a President but the founder of the WakeDawgs.  Anthony Kennedy made what the team is today. He leaves the team with their top rider Pate Duddleston. Pate has been strong for the past couple years as a rider, but his leadership is questionable. This could damage the teams chemistry and cause issues with riding. We will all see what will become of the Georgia program after this fall. We hear they have some new young guns coming in to balance off the team.

5. Florida - Always a top program year after year. This program seems to reload every year. Jon Kistemaker takes over for James Ort and will have his hands full. We look forward to seeing the new riders and what Florida will do this season. We also would love to see them come compete in Vegas for the College Wake Championships and see how they stack up against the nations best.

4. Baylor - Everything in Waco Texas seems to be heading in the right direction these days. Their wake program is lead by veteran Reagan Strickland.  They also have what might be the top rider in the country this year with Marshall Lewis. From what we know Baylor has loaded up on some new riders as well as had some set backs with injuries. If they can stay healthy, you might see a title contender here.

3. Tennessee - Last year Tennessee could have won it all. They just couldn't get the riders to the Championships. This year VolsWake returns 6 of those riders including Adam Holdsworth from last year in hopes of a title run. They definitely lost some of the top guys including Brad Riddick. Tennessee is a hot spot though and should have no problem finding new open riders.

2. Arizona State - The WakeDevils are back to back College Wake Champions. They have lost the soul of the club and President who brought the team to the top. With Ryan Platt leaving the club behind, there is question on what will happen next. Nothing has proven more difficult for a team to lose its founder. The team also lost College Female Rider of the Year Chelsea Clark. The club is loaded, let's not mistaken that. Can they three-peat with the lose of their great leader?

1. Rollins College - Last year Rollins College shocked everyone with its rise to the top. They fell short in the finals to ASU in Las Vegas, but showed the country they are going to be the team to beat this year. Not only do they keep College Male Rider of the year Damien Adam, but are loading up with some new young talent. One rider being a women's champ from Switzerland. They have all the factors to win, now we wait and see if they can close the deal and win the title.

There are a total of 75 college wake programs in the country currently. This leaves lots of space to see some new clubs come into the picture this season during tour and secure their spot at the Championships in Lake Las Vegas April 2015.

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College Cable Championships 2013-14

Hydrous Wake Park
September 19-21, 2014

It has been a long wait since the last college cable event in the spring of 2014. Teams have had the entire summer to train and prepare to kick off the new academic year.

The 2nd College Cable Championship takes teams to Dallas Texas and Hydrous Wake Park - Lake Lewisville.

This park is one of the nicest parks in the country and offers so much for riders and spectators alike. Teams will be able to stay close by the park, ride all day, and enjoy good food and drinks.

The Hydrous family has been a long time supporter of Empire Wake and College Wakeboarding as a whole. They have invited event after event to their parks and supported the growth of this level. They are well deserving of the Championships and with the additions to Hydrous Lake Lewisville such as the Tower Taphouse and the Bi-Level pool, this is going to be a fun event.

Teams will get in Friday night and check in to their hotel. Empire Wake will be hosting a meet and greet open to all teams and public Friday night at the Taphouse at 9pm. There will be live music or a DJ playing that night as we get ready for a full weekend at the park.

Round 1 will begin at 9am on Saturday morning with all teams riding to qualify for round 2 later that evening. Mid afternoon during the open park riding, there will be a best trick contest for any of the competing college athletes.

Saturday from 5:30 til 7:30 is round 2 of the Championships. This round will be detailed as the event is closer.

Saturday night at Tower Taphouse will host the Official Championship after party. Live music, drink specials, and a wild night of fun will be open to anyone who wants to join.

Finally, the Semi Finals and Finals will take place Sunday morning from 10-1pm with the Championship Team crowned right after the final ride.

With 3 of the top teams from last season unable to qualify for the College Cable Championships, the door is wide open. The level has grown to more regions and more teams. We expect a larger turnout than at TSR, and equal level of riding.

Will the Central Florida Knights repeat and claim back to back champions? Will a Cinderella team come from no where and take it all? There are more questions to be answered and as we head into the final event.

Join our Facebook page to receive updates:

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2014-15 College Cable Tour Schedule


 The College Cable Tour season is approaching quickly. This fall will offer 3 cable tour events for teams to start qualifying for nationals.

This fall will include Hydrous, Velocity Island and BSR. Hydrous and Velocity Island will both be part of a double weekend with the College Wake Series on Saturday and College Cable Tour on Sunday. BSR will be a Saturday event with just cable.

If you are looking to ride at the BSR event, we encourage you to book your cabins now. They go quickly! Otherwise there are hotels nearby teams can stay at.

There will be 2 more cable events in the Spring of 2015 that will be determined in January.  Expect South Florida and somewhere in the Mid Atlantic. Dates will also be determined later this season.

2014-15 Schedule:

Hydrous Little Elm - October 19th
Velocity Island - October 26th
BSR - November 1st
South Florida - TBA
Mid Atlantic - TBA

Don't forget to check out the College Wake Series schedule!

Registration will start soon as school begins.

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Build Your College Team This Year

College Wakeboarding is hands down the best level of wakeboarding on the planet! Care to argue that point? You must not have ridden for a college wakeboard program then. For starters, you are around a bunch of same minded people who want to go to school and ride. Next, the school pays for most of it!

Dating back to 2003 when the College Wake scene began, there were just a few teams on the map. Teams just formed to be social groups and wakeboard together. The WWA came along and created a few events and a national championship for any team willing to make the trip.

It trickled along for a few years as it was looking for some roots. Teams popped up little by little, and worked together to create new events. CBS got involved eventually and gave a legit national championship to the level. Teams loved it!

Over the past 5 years the level has exploded. Currently, there are 75 registered college programs in the US alone. The College Wake Championships moved to Lake Las Vegas providing the ultimate location for riders and spectators alike.

Each year college wakeboarding adds more and more teams. It is making the level of the sport more fun and allowing us to create new and exciting aspects for the riders.

IT IS TIME TO GET YOUR COLLEGE TEAM UP AND RUNNING! Don't be left out, don't wish you could have been in college wakeboarding. We are here to help.

There are a lot of excuses out there: "We don't have enough riders" or  "We don't have a boat" or "The school won't give us a million dollars" If you build it, it will come! (ok not the million dollars)

Ask Ryan Platt, the former President of back to back champions, Arizona State Wakedevils. He was the ONLY rider on the team the first year they rebuilt their program. Some teams only have 3 members for a couple years as they get a foundation and direction.  Don't let this ruin your college wake experience!

Another fun fact, almost 80% of college teams don't have a team boat. They have had to reach out to the community for support, or a team member, or even just work with a cable park.  This excuse also shouldn't stop you from building your college program.

The fact of the matter is, until you start your program, it can never build to 50 members, a boat, a $5000 budget, and traveling to Las Vegas for a long weekend in April. Someone has to start the motor. College Wakeboarding is an experience you will remember the rest of your life.

We are here to help! Don't feel like you have to go alone at this anymore. That was how the first group of teams had to do things. A whole lot of trial and error. Now with all these programs and 10 years of college wakeboarding in existence, you have an abundance of information,

To start, just shoot us an email and let us know you are starting your program. Next click on this link and download the packets. 

This should get you going. If you need more help please reach out to our college wake reps:

Broc Schall - West Coast  BrocS@CollegeWakeboarding.com
Anthony Kennedy - East Coast  AnthonyK@CollegeWakeboading.com


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Empire Wake has a Mobile App

 So much is going on with Empire Wake in 2014. From the new grassroots tour, All American Summer Wakeboard Tour, to the new online shop, The Empire Shop. 

Now we are proud to announce the launching of our brand new Mobile App! Best part? It is FREE!! That is right... FREE. Why wouldn't you get it now?

The app offers something for everyone who loves wakeboarding. You can not only register for any Empire Wake event (now a requirement), but you can find every cable park in North America, watch videos, shop at The Empire Shop, and see what is going on in the world of wakeboarding through our news section.

This app isn't all about Empire Wake either. The calendar has other events going on all over the country, you can submit your own photos for our gallery, you can get discounts to The Empire Shop, as well as win some gear just by downloading the app.

The app will continue to grow and change each month. We will have new features, different backgrounds, and send out push notifications to help keep you in the know.

Bored in class? Tired of working at work? Just love wakeboarding? Then this is a great app for you to have on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

To get this app, just click below or use the QR code right off this page.

Remember, we will have giveaways for supporters who have our app. Stay tuned for our first promotion and giveaway coming up next week! It is a big one.


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The Empire Shop

There is finally one place you can get all our amazing sponsor gear! Now open is THE EMPIRE SHOP for everyone in North America to enjoy.

This shop is built with a different concept in mind. To start, it was built to help all of our brands who have supported you, the rider, with prizes and money to help make our events possible. It is the best way we can give back to those who have supported you and us.

Second, The Empire Shop is here to help raise more income to help create larger events for everyone. This means more fun, more to do, and a stronger wakeboarding community. We don't want to put a financial strain on sponsors. They need to be able to spread their marketing over more events than just ours. With the ability to raise our own income with the help of our sponsors, we will take some of the strain off.

Next this shop is for you! If you follow our events, social media or mobile app, there will be coupons for you to save! It is our way to reward you for supporting us. See our theme here? "Support those who support you?" You knew that was coming back around.

So check it out! Enjoy the shop! We are very excited to have this as part of Empire Wake. There is already a coupon code on our Facebook page.


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Final Stop of College Cable at Hydrous Wake Park

  The final stop of the Collegiate Cable Tour landed in Hydrous Cable Park in Allen Texas. The park is as beautiful as the day it was built. It was a North Texas vs Texas A&M kind of day. Both teams came in deep and gave their teams a big bump in the rankings.

The highlight of the day was the Women's Division. Ash Hannig came in for the Arizona State Wake Devils and took first place with a solid pass showing her style, and variety of tricks from backside board slides, to raleys off the kickers. Ash has been focused on cable riding for the past couple years and it has shown on the podium.

Morgan Burchell  of Texas A&M came up second with 2 huge tantrums off the kicker and Ashley Cash placed 3rd for North Texas. Gracie Morgan came in 4th but all 4 ladies put on the best show in womens division to date.

The advanced division also showed strong. It was a Texas A&M sweep with Kyle Aubuchon taking 1st, Hayden McEntire 2nd and Jordan Dunn 3rd. Kyle threw and OHH, Toe Off Axis 5, and a Toe 5 for the win.

Scotty Vissor of the North Texas Eagles took 1st in Open beating out Bradley Stewart of UT Dallas. Both riders struggled however on all three runs. Scotty who is usually a consistent rider just couldn't put it together for the afternoon.

The final rankings leave Central Florida in 1st, North Texas 2nd, Arizona State 3rd, and Sacramento State in 4th. The College Cable Championships will be held mid September in Austin TX.


1. Chris Moore - UNT
2. Austin Frisby - UNT
3. Jared Raabe - Texas A&M

1. Ash Hannig - ASU
2. Morgan Burchell - Texas A&M
3. Ashley Cash - UNT

1. Dillion Behen - Texas State
2. Micheal Steele - Texas A&M
3. Tyler Cain - Texas A&M

1. Kyle Aubuchon - Texas A&M
2. Hayden McEntire - Texas A&M
3. Jordan Dunn - Texas A&M

1. Scotty Vissor - UNT                                              Photo Credit: Matt Moore, Heelside Productions
2. Bradley Stewart - UT Dallas

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Collegiate Cable Tour Hits South Florida

 The College Cable Tour headed down to Ski Rixen again this spring to kick off the last 2 events of the season. Ski Rixen has always provided perfect weather early for Florida teams to get back on the water.

This year the Humanoid crew ventured down to show their support of College Wake and also show off their new 2014 line. Clayton Underwood, Bob Sichel, Nick Dorsey and Trevor Bashir helped judge the day and keep things rolling. They also provided most of the prizes for the day to all the winners.

As for the winners, power-house team University of Central Florida took 9 podium spots of the 15. It started with Marcus St.Cyr of the Knights winning the Beginner Division, followed by Kyra Kemp for Women's, Chris Draper for Intermediate, and Ed Alosco for Wakeskate.

That was it though for the Knights top spots. The advanced and open divisions went to new team Florida Atlantic. Daniel Villar, and Diego Borragan respectively.

Diego killed it for the day showing that he might be the top cable rider in the country right now. His run included a Pete 5, Whirly 5, Batwing, Blind 3, and Backside Mobe.
John Dreiling, a solid member of UCF for the past couple years, took 2nd followed up by Ian Cole of Seminole State.

The day put the UCF Knights clearly into 1st place nationally over North Texas. With the season winding down, Texas State, Texas, and Central Oklahoma all are out. UCF is looking good to repeat as National Champs.


1. Marcus St.Cyr - UCF
2. Kyle Canonico - UCF
3. Austin Frisby - UNT

1. Kyra Kemp - UCF
2. Kelsey Joyner - UCF
3. Erin Heyman - USF
                                                                                                                 Photo Credit: Jeff Jarboe
1. Chris Draper - UCF        
2. Beau Brown - USF
3. Zach Murphy-Gerling - UCF

1. Daniel Villar - Florida Atlantic
2. Bryce Valin - UCF
3. Kellan Rudnicki - UCF

1. Diego Borragan - Florida Atlantic
2. John Dreiling - UCF
3. Ian Cole- Seminole State

1. Ed Alosco - UCF
2. Beau Brown - USF
3. Kyle Canonico - UCF

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