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Texas AM Wins!!!
Texas AM Deafeated Arizona State
For The 2014-15 National Title!

TAMU Wake Wins Title

College Wake Awards 2015

The College Wake Awards once again took place during the College Wake Championships at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas. This event is a beautiful, catered dinner in the main garden Friday night with all the guests dressed up in their finest.

The 2015 awards were the second year of this tradition with some added awards and all new winners. Teams arrived at 7:30 to a salad and pasta dinner buffet where they could relax in the garden and wind down after 2 hard days of riding round one.

Each year the awards are presented by our amazing sponsors who come all the way to Las Vegas to be a part of the Championships and support the top teams. This year the awards were presented by Stuart Litjens of Boulder Boats, Steve Goldberg of Jet Pilot, Machi Block with Eleveated Clothing and Don LoGuercio of Ossur Corp.

It is always an amazing evening filled with excitement and tears of joy.

 Check out who won!

Team of the Year:
  Texas A&M

Male Rider of the Year: 
  Marshal Lewis  Baylor Wake

Female Rider of the Year: 
  Olivia Lombord  Rollins College

Presidential Award: 
  Ryan Dailey  Cal Poly

Freshman of the Year:  
  Conner Kostyra  Rollins College

Wakeskater of the Year:  
  Marcus Knox University of Florida

Next year we will be adding a few awards so get your team ready!

2015-16 Awards:
      College Edit of the Year
      Team of the Year
      Male Rider of the Year
      Female Rider of the Year
      Freshman of the Year
      President of the Year
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College Cable Tour Terminus

With only one College Cable Tour stop this spring, what better location than Lake Point and Terminus Wake Park. It is now clear the magnitude in which this location is going to become. Hotels, restaurants, sand volleyball, and AstroTurf give this cable park a very different vibe.

Thanks to the guys in charge, and former college wakeboarder Adam Silcio, the College Cable Tour's final stop of the season finally made its debut at Terminus. The event had been in the works since spring 2014. However, timing and park opening didn't work out as planned. This left everyone yearning for the location even more.

The teams came from NC State, Central Florida, South Florida, Georgia Tech, Georgia, North Texas, UNC Wilmington, and Missouri. Central Florida the 2 time defending champ was only able to show up with a fraction of their program. Other obligations at their home park split the team up. Team President Kellan Rudnicki made the trip to lead his team into this final event.

Not only did he lead, but he won! Rudnicki placed 1st in Men's Open beating out Jon Hunt of Georgia and Jack Hanson of South Florida. The Open division always impresses in College Cable.

The Wakeskate Division also impressed. Even as riders battled injury from early in the year, they still came in strong. Knights Wake team rider Ed Alosco went out before the event with a hurt ankle. This left the door open for Beau Brown of USF to take the win. Beau has been a consistent skater through his years in College Wake and Cable and was also unsure he was going to compete this weekend with his bruised ribs.

Making their first appearance of the season was the all new NC State Wolfpack and the Missouri Tigers. It is clear how much College Cable is growing and soon to be just as strong as its boating counter part on this level.

Also making their debut this weekend was new sponsor STZ Clothing out of North Carolina. This brand is a perfect fit for the college scene and we have seen clubs taking full advantage right away.

Thanks to our other sponsors: Rockwell Watches, Neff Headwear, Buywake.com, and Humanoid Wake.

All teams who competed this weekend at Terminus are invited to the College Cable Championships at BSR Cable Park mid September. Details coming soon!


1. Kellen Rudnicki   UCF
2. Jon Hunt   Georgia
3. Jack Hanson  USF

1. Daniel Mallario  UCF
2. Dylan Kramer  UNCW
3. Cole Harms   Missouri

1. Aaron Gordon  NC State
2. Andrew Stebbings  UCF
3. Donnie Piper  Georgia Tech

1. Beau Brown   USF
2. Hunter Soens  USF
3. Ryan Hagen  USF

1. Erin Heyman  USF
2. Bailey Nadeua  USF
3. Jensen Kirila  UCF

1. Caleb Spires  Georgia Tech
2. Corey Nix  USF
3. Keith Gilbert  Georgia Tech

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Texas A&M Wins First National Title


 If you happened to have missed this years College Wakeboard Champions at Lake Las Vegas, just book your flight now for April 14th of 2016. The final 4 teams put on a show no one is going to forget for a long time.

It wasn't just defending champs Arizona State being dethroned by an Aggie team that earned every bit of its title. It wasn't also the fact that Baylor Wake was only 75 points shy of beating them in the semi finals, nor that Rollins College, the favorite this year was thrashed by Texas A&M in their semi final. It was the whole finale that made the weekend.

The riding was spectacular from top to bottom. There was no "gimmie" this year, yet there was no upset. Everyone in attendance witnessed the best team in College Wakeboarding use their consistency to win each round.

The team was built over the years by senior President Morgan Burchell. It was a perfect ending to an amazing college wakeboarding career. The 8 riders to take the National Title included Ryan Wolf, Reid Thompkins, Ashton Drenner, Daniel Roop, Jordyn Halbert, Hayden McEntire, Kyle Aubuchon, and John Volleman.

It took the entire Aggie team riding at their best to take down the ASU Wake Devils. The results were nothing shy of outstanding as they won as a team and added to their recent claim to College Wakeboarding Team of the Year.

Congratulations to the Texas A&M Aggies for an amazing season and their first College Wakeboard Championship Title!

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College Wake Championship Brackets Are Set

The teams have been set and the brackets formed. It is going to be an exciting College Wake Championships this year at Lake Las Vegas as so many teams can win the Championships.
Also, with the expansion of the Individual Divisions, more riders than ever are coming to ride and be a part of the event. This is the event direction we have been looking so much to have. We believe every team should come to the Championships and be a part of the event.

The breakdown of the 8 teams looks like this! Who do you think will win it all?

Riding Schedule:

Thursday April 16th

10:00am -  (3) Texas A&M  v.  (6)Sac State
1:00pm   -  (2) Rollins  v. (7) Wake Forest
3:30pm   -  Individuals Intermediate
               -  Individuals Advanced Women's

Friday April 17th

10:00am  - (4)Baylor Wake  v. (5)Chico State
1:00pm    - (1)Arizona State v.  (8) Western Washington
3:30pm    - Individual Men's Advanced
                - individual Men's Open

Saturday April 18th

10:00am   - Winner of (2,7)  v. Winner of (3,6)
1:00pm     - Winner of (1,8)  v.  Winner of (4,5)

4:00pm     - FINALS!!


Sunday April 19th

11:00am  - Individual Finals

TBA        - Individual Awards

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Outdoor Toy Share Looking For Interns

Empire Wake has partnered up in the 2015 season with a brand new company and something that has never been brought to water sports before. With the growth and success of peer to peer sharing, such as Uber and Lyft, Outdoor Toy Share wants to bring the same concept to wakeboarding.

As we have spoken more with the company we have found a way to utilize this concept to help College Wakeboard programs have access to wakeboard boats without having to spend the money to purchase one.

One of the biggest steps in this program is to get some college wakeboarders involved. This gives Outdoor Toy Share your inside knowledge to help make this program a huge success for all teams needing a boat or even 2!

Here is the job description:

Market Analyst & Coordinator Spring and Summer 2015

Locations may include (in order of preference): Boise, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle and Salt Lake City

Description: We’re excited to launch an innovative business this spring called Outdoor Toy Share. We help owners rent out their underused boats, personal watercraft, RVs and more, when they’d typically be sitting in storage. It’s safe, easy and smart for owners and users. We do extensive user screening, provide training and insure those assets for the rental. Much of this will be facilitated through our custom website, currently under development.

Responsibilities.  Here’s what you’ll do:
    - Market research and analysis.
    - At the beginning you’ll drive the analysis to better understand the boating, PWC and RV market in your location. (Tell us what you know about your local area)

    - Once the season is going, you’ll help owners and users with needs as they arise surrounding the execution of rental transactions. This will likely include onsite training / overviews with users prior to their rental. (May require a truck to pull a boat a little, let us know if you have one or ready access to one)

This is a start-up, we need someone who understands that this fundamentally requires flexibility and a “can-do” attitude.  Here are some other things you may be doing:
 -  Marketing material distribution
 -  Local industry event attendance
 -  Support social media efforts
 - Light office tasks, although this position will work remotely

 -  You need to be very familiar with operating boats and able to teach the basics to others with less experience. This is required. Familiarity with PWCs and RVs is a big plus. Tell us about this in years of experience and approximate hours.

 -  Given the interaction with people, excellent verbal and written communication is very important. We need a “people person” for the role.

-  Must be organized and able to work well independently.
- Prefer a student with about one year of school left before graduation.
- Prefer a student with business coursework (a minor or more is a plus) and entrepreneurial interests.
- Microsoft Office capabilities
More info:
20+ hours per week. $10 per hour. Prefer someone to start soon, must start by April and will continue through the summer. Prefer 3.0 GPA or better. Must be eligible to work in the US. 1099 position
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Custom College Wakeboard Vest Program

Thanks to the cooperation and hard work from sponsors JetPilot and Elevated Clothing along with Empire Wake, College Wakeboard teams who are part of the College Wake Series can now create custom vest for their clubs.

The program will launch in January of 2015 and offers teams the brand new JetPilot, Chris O'Shea vest to work with. The vest will be blank and all black for the teams to be able to print their logo on. Spaces include the front right or left chest as well as the back top.

Teams can print with 1 or 2 colors depending on their design. This gives everyone quite a bit of freedom on how to make their own vest for the 2015-2016 season.

The O'Shea is a comp vest and currently no CGA vest is available for the program. If everything goes well, then we will be offering the CGA next fall for our cable riders.

"We are really excited to launch this program finally," said Rob Mendieta, owner of Empire Wake and founder of the College Wake Series. "It has been about a year in the making to bring this together just the right way with the best vest we could find."

The Jet Pilot Chris O'Shea retails for $125.00 for the standard consumer. To our ex citement these custom vest for teams come with custom logos for only $130.00.

Cut off to order your team vest is June 1st 2015. Delivery will be 1st of September to kick off the new College season. Special Thanks again to JetPilot and Eleveated Clothing!

To download the order form and program requirements, click here. 

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College Wake Weekend in Sacramento

 October 25th 2014

It was the biggest weekend in College Wakeboarding we have seen in a long time. Last minute teams deciding to compete boosted the total rider numbers to 90 plus. Arizona State was back for more, along with Sac State, Chico State, Washington State and Boise State.  New teams Utah, Cal Poly State, and Western Washington were on site at their first events in the College Wake Series and some old friends at Central Washington brought a strong team as well.

The Watersports Farm was windy on Saturday with winds reaching 25 miles per hour at some points. Fortunately, being out of the south, the event was able to go on. Teams were woken abruptly with rain and wind at 8am causing tents to blow over and campers to get soaked. That was the last of the rain for the day though and the sun came out.

The Intermediate Division kicked off the event with a huge turn out of 22 riders. It was pretty well broken up evenly among all the teams. However, Arizona State dominated the podium with Ryan Hinrich taking 1st and Greg Crusco landing in 3rd. Ryan and Greg aren't new to the podium this season. Greg placed 3rd at stop 1 in Minneapolis and Ryan ended up 3rd in Dallas. Their consistency will keep ASU ranking higher.

To round out the Intermediate riders was new team President Aaron Dobron of Utah. First event, first podium, not too bad to start his career.

Up next was Women's Advanced. This was a Sacramento State division with Junior Nataly Connor placing 3rd and Megan Cramer taking second. Women's Advanced will score big for team points and their national rankings and move Sac State up the list and into the top 10. Taking the top spot in Women's Advanced was Michaela Trulson of Western Washington.

In Men's Advanced, Chico State's Blake Payton took down Andrew Schrank of ASU and Teddy Zografos of Central Washington. Blake has been to a few College Wake Series events and riding strong each time.

Jack Cerenzia of Washington State was the top rider of the event. Jack killed it with a Toeside Backside 360, and a Toeside Front Roll to Revert. Jack went down on Crowmobe at the end of his run, but still had enough other tricks and style to take first in Open.

Cerenzia had to beat out Ben Hernstedt of Sac State, and Elevated Clothing team rider and Rex Laverne of Chico State.

Nautique pulled the event with a beautiful G21 thanks to Western Sales rep Greg Dick and local dealer Superior Boats through the Open division. Unfortunately, due to the prop catching an unknown object underwater, the men's and women's Division finished out the day with our College Wakesurf Sponsor Centurion Enzo FS33.

The nightlife was as wild as the weekend thanks to Red Bull for bringing out New Beat Fund Friday night for a live show, and Saturday Night DJ Amar under the illuminated Red Bull tent.

The final stop of the College Wake Series heads to Florida mid November, check out the latest movement in the College Wakeboarding National Rankings!

Full Results

1. Jack Cerenzia   Washington State
2. Ben Hernstedt  Sac State
3. Rex LaVerne    Chico State

Men's Advanced  
1. Blake Payton    Chico State
2. Andrew Schrank   ASU
3.  Teddy Zografos   Central Washington

Women's Advanced
1. Michaela Trulson  Western Washington
2. Megan Kramer    Sac State
3. Nataly Conner  Sac State

1. Ryan Hinrichs    ASU
2. Aaron Dobron   Utah
3. Greg Crusco   ASU

Men's Beginner
1. Cole Cantaneo   Sac State
2. Shane Austin    Sac State
3. Daniel Ruger    Chico State

Women's Beginner
1. Mariah Smith  Washington State
2. Katherine Norris   Central Washington
3. Caitlin Porter   Sac State

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College Wakesurfing Continues to Grow



The year has flown by for College Wakesurfing. Centurion Boats, Buywake.com and Brigade Wakesurfing have made it a great start to what is clearly a big future of the sport.

Stop 2 brought the tour to Lake Lewisville in Dallas Texas. Centurion rolled out big with the tour bus and Freedom Powersports. This was the first 3 event weekend for College Wakesurfing and it turned out to be a good one.

Kaytin Voigt of Baylor Wake took first in Beginner Surf behind the Centurion FS44 beating out 5 other surfers in the division.

Up next in Beginner Skim was Cameron Budd also of Baylor Wake taking the top spot. Baylor is a team supported heavily from Brigade Wakesurfing, and it has shown at this event with the level of surfing from their team.

Mid day Surfing continued after a demo from 5x World Wakesurfing Champion Keenan Flegel who was riding his brand new pro model for the first time. Keenan killed it for the crowd showing what is soon to come.

Tyler Walker was your first place Advanced Surf and Andrew Stebbins of UCF came all the way from Orlando to place first in Advanced Skim.

Next the tour headed to Sacramento and the Watersports Farm. The Farm is a Centurion supported lake with a brand new FS33

Jesse Baba, the sole surfer for the ASU Wakedevils rode both Beginner Skim and Advanced Surf. He is pushing hard to expand the already dominate Wakedevil team into the Surfing world. Jesse placed first in both divisions.

Beginner Surf was the largest of the day. Cameron Russell of Western Washington placed 1st, followed up by Jake Courtright of Washington State and coming in 3rd Jack Klipfel of Washington State.

This will wrap up the fall season of College Wakesurfing. The buzz has been huge and we are excited
to see what the spring and 2015 year have to offer.

Big thanks to Centruion Boats and Brigade Wakesurfing for starting it off with us as College Wakesurfing falls into place.

Until next year....

Thanks Kameleonz Sunglasses, Centurion Boats, Buywake.com and Brigade Wakesurfing! 
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Dallas Blows Up!

October 18th 2014

It has been a couple years since we have seen these numbers and the caliber of riding we witnessed this weekend on Lake Lewisville Texas. Baylor, Texas State, Arizona State, Stephen F. Austin, Oklahoma State, and Texas A&M all came to compete with their best for College Wake.

Buxton Marine brought out the Nautique G23 once again to pull all 70 riders with the top wakeboard boat on the market. The water calmed down as the wind switch directions just in time to kick off the wake part of the day.

Teams got to watch #2 Arizona State and number #4 Texas A&M battle it out as both look to improve their national standings. The WakeDevils got started right away placing Steve Granger second and Ryan Hinrichs third on the podium for the Intermediate Division. This was one of the largest divisions of the day with 15 riders.

Up next Josh Coppinger a Junior out of Seal Beach CA took 1st in Men's Advanced for ASU beating out Kyle Aubuchon of Texas A&M and Ryan Sanders of Texas State. A&M President Morgen Burchell killed it in Women's Advanced beating Casey Knox of ASU.

Texas State came in big this event placing Jack Guenther in 2nd in Open as he came off a knee injury sidelining him for 7 months. Blake Daniel took the top spot in Intermediate as well. The Bobcats have a great deal going with Texas Ski Ranch with use of the cable park and the private lake with a boat.

The day belonged to Mashall Lewis of Baylor Wake. The sophomore out of New Braunfels Texas is arguable the best college rider in the country right now. He might be looking to dethrone Damien Adam from top College Men's Rider of the year. Marshal Lewis took down Jack Guenther and Matt McCaleb of Oklahoma State to win the Open division and a GoPro Hero 3.  

ASU bringing 24 riders to Dallas was just too much for other teams to take. Texas A&M boosted their ranking and Texas State came in the top 10 for the first time. 

The College Wake Series heads to Sacramento California for the next stop and another full 3 event weekend.

Event Results:

1. Marshall Lewis   Baylor Wake
2. Jack Guenther    Texas State
3. Matt McCaleb    Oklahoma State

Men's Advanced
1. Josh Coppinger   Arizona State
2. Kyle Aubuchon   Texas A&M
3. Ryan Sanders       Texas State

Women's Advanced
1. Morgen Burchell     Texas A&M
2. Casey Knox             Arizona State
3. Kierstin Simmons   Arizona State

1. Blake Daniel     Texas State
2. Steve Granger   Arizona State
3. Ryan Hinrichs   Arizona State

Women's Beginner
1. Kristin Jorden       Texas A&M
2. Sara Richardson   Texas A&M
3. Tori Broussard      Baylor

Men's Beginner
1. Zak Ellis    Texas A&M
2. Wade Concienne    Texas A&M
3. Jeremy Woodruff    Arizona State

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College Cable National Championship Video

Knights Wake goes back to back National College Cable Champions!

It was a great weekend at Hydrous Little Elm with TCU, South Florida, North Texas and Central Florida battling for their shot at a national title. Once again we saw really amazing levels of riding from all the teams.

TCU showed they are ready to make a run in 2014-15 and upend Central Florida. Being a new team they were short rider number and just couldn't earn enough points to move on. Alyssa Crouse might be the best female cable rider at the College level right now.

North Texas ended up in the finals against KnightsWake. Scotty Visser killed it all weekend for the Mean Green Wake Team, but it just wasn't enough without top rider Ashley Cash still nursing her latest injury.

Kellan Rudnicki, the Knights President and Senior lead UCF to its second national title in 2 years and ended his college wakeboarding career on a high note.

Check out the video and see some of the action from the riders.

Special thanks to our College Cable Sponsors: Elevated Clothing, Humanoid Wake, Ctrl Wake, Protec Helmets, GoPro, Rockwell Watches, Buywake.com, Smith Optics, Kicker Audio and Red Bull DFW.

College Cable Nationals 2014 from Empire Wake on Vimeo.

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