Las Vegas

Welcome to the Championships!  
April 18- April 21

It has been a long road (12,500 miles!) for the 2012 College Wakeboard season. We have seen more

teams travel than ever before. Every team in the top 8 attended 2 or more events.  Arizona State and University of Georgia both attended 3. Maggie McDonald of West Florida attended 4, Ben Hernstedt and Cole Cattaneo of Sac State both went to 3 for their teams.

The overall level of college wakeboarding is on the rise too. The upper divisions of Open and Advanced have seen a number increase as well as closer judging. Wakeskating is seeing real improvement as well. Marcus Knox of UF and Cole Kraiss of ASU both are dominating right now.

What does all this mean? We here at Empire Wake think we are going to see one of the toughest College Wakeboard Championships of all times. Each team is asked to bring their top 7 riders and 1 female rider. The top women riders this year were throwing inverts at each stop. From top to bottom the 16 teams heading to the Championships all have a chance to win or create some serious upsets.

On April 17th 2013, teams begin arriving at Lake Las Vegas for the College Wakeboard Championships. Eight teams ride Thursday and 8 more on Friday to see who makes it to the elite 8 on Saturday.  Those who survive the long grueling Saturday will be rewarded with the Semi Finals and Finals on Sunday.

Only 1 will survive by the weeks end and crowned the 2012-13 College Wakeboard Champion! Currently Chico State holds that title. (Only Texas and South Florida have won a title)

Teams who plan to attend the Championships please email us and let us know so we can make arrangements. There are only 16 spots available. Your team must have competed in the qualifiers in 2012 to be able to attend.

The brackets have been set with the top 8.


NEW this year we are adding 3 individual divisions. Riders can register to compete as an individual for one of these divisions at a cost of $120. This only includes entry fee and insurance. 
The divisions include
Advanced - Spins up to 540 and inverts up to but not including mobes
Open - Anything goes
Women's - Females at all levels

Each rider gets 3 falls and 4 passes. Best set score is kept. 

Riders who compete in this individual event must be current college students. Registration must be received by April 15th to compete. Please email us at to sign up. 

More info to come as sponsors sign on and we continue to set up the event. Keep posted for more details!

If you would like to come and spectate. There is no admission fee. For discount hotel rooms please email us ASAP. We have a few rooms open at the Revella now and need to place a name on the rooms to release to you. (

Also this year we have teamed up with the Blue Man Group at the Monte Carlo. There will be a special to see this wild show through us. In order to get 1/2 tickets ($80 a person) we must have a group of 10. This $80 includes a limo ride to and from the Monte Carlo on the famous Vegas Strip.

Email us if you would like to be on the list at

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